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Golf Simulator Studio Package

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Surround yourself in your very own immersive golf studio and elevate your golf simulation experience with SkyTrak!

SkyTrak presents the Play Now Golf Simulator Home Studio, a simplified solution for building your personal golf simulator. This comprehensive package includes EVERYTHING you need to build a golf simulator enclosure to Practice, Play, and Compete at home. From spare rooms to basements or garages, the Play Now Golf Simulator Home Studio lets you own a top-notch golf simulator at a cost you won't believe.

Add a launch monitor of your choice and you are ready to hit the green from home!


SkyTrak's patented easy-build frame system ensures that you'll be ready to explore the SkyTrak range or course promptly. You can expect to go from unpacking to teeing off in less than an hour.

Resilient Impact Screen: Designed for frequent golf shots while providing a sharp projected image.

Effortless Frame Assembly: Clear instructions are included for setting up the steel frame enclosure.

Sturdy Hitting Mats: SkyTrak's package comprises a 5x5 hitting mat and a custom-sized putting mat.

What's In The Box

  • Enclosure: The package comes with a SkyTrak Play Now Golf Sim Studio Enclosure enhanced with side netting for added protection.
  • Mats: You'll receive a SkyTrak 5'x5' Hitting Mat and a custom-sized putting turf.
  • Projector: The package includes an Optoma GT2000 HDR Projector for a superior visual experience.
  • Ball Tray: An easily accessible Ball Wing Molded Rubber Ball Tray is included for convenient ball storage.

Launch Monitor is NOT included. You can use your choice of launch monitor with this enclosure package.

Space Requirements

Our recommendations when considering the size of enclosure you will use:

Golf Simulator Height:
Ensure a buffer space of at least 2-3 inches from the available height. For optimal installation, allowing a ceiling buffer of 6-7 inches is recommended.

Golf Simulator Width:
Deduct 4-6 inches from the available width, accounting for 2-3 inches on each side.

Golf Simulator Depth:
Position your golf simulator enclosure a minimum of 12-16 inches from the wall, directly behind the impact screen.

Below are the sizes of the enclosures

Studio 10
10' W x 8'6" H x 5'4" D

Studio 12
12' W x 8'6" H x 5'4" D

Studio 13
13' W x 10' H x 5'4" D

Studio 13 Deep
13' W x 10' H x 10' D


Terms And Conditions
After 24 hours, a fee of $250 will be incurred by the customer for order cancellation of this product purchase.

This Is A Simulator Bundle That Can Be Paired With Any Launch Monitor Of Your Choice





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