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Peerless Drop-Mount Projector Mounting Kit

Sale price$400.00

Everything you need to drop-mount your golf simulator projector.

Use the Drop-Mount Projector Mounting Kit to suspend your projector from the ceiling effortlessly. With the addition of an Extender and Ceiling Plate to your Projector Mount, you can achieve almost any desired height for your golf simulator setup, ensuring it looks sleek and professional.

This package comes with a ceiling plate, projector mount, and an extender of your preference for drop-mounting.


  • Projector Mount
    Attaches seamlessly to any projector. Comes preassembled for effortless installation. Achieve precise image alignment with two accuracy-focused adjustment knobs. Suitable for direct flush mounting or, when paired with the Ceiling Plate and an Extender Column, for drop-mount applications.
  • Extender Columns
    For an optimal experience in your golf simulator or home theater, positioning your projector correctly is crucial. It should not only properly project onto your screen but also be clear of clubs, balls, or any inadvertent head movements. The Peerless Projector Mount Extender, available in sizes from 6 inches up to 5 feet, is designed to accommodate almost any setting.
  • Ceiling Plate
    Crafted keeping the professional AV installer in mind, the Peerless Ceiling Plate offers a prime solution for all projector installation needs. This plate seamlessly connects with the extender column, facilitating projector installations on wood joists or structural ceilings. It also provides two cord management options: either through the mount tube or directly through the plate, making it suitable for compact installations.

Specifications & Installation

Ceiling Plate Installation Guide

Peerless Projector Mount Extender Installation Guide

Projector Mount Install Guide

Ceiling Plate Technical Data Sheet

Peerless Projector Mount Extender Sell Sheets

Projector Mount Sell Sheet


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