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Carl's Place HotShot Golf Hitting Mat

Sale price$625.00


A Golf Mat That Lasts, with New Replaceable Hitting Insert

Carl's HotShot™ Golf Hitting Mat is an anti-fatigue, easy-on-the-joints golf mat that lets you play golf for hours without pain. Playing in your golf simulator a ton and wearing out your hitting area? Carl's HotShot™ Golf Mats have a pre-cut, replaceable hitting area.


Affordable Golf Mat

Keep some of that money in your wallet and thank us later. This mat will give you all the best features from the big name mats for a fraction of the price. Plus the pre-cutout hitting area gives you long-lasting use since you can swap it out for another hitting strip. Upgrade to Carl's Divot Hitting Strip for a cushioned approach. Available in 2 styles for beginners or advanced golfers.

Comfortable for Swinging

Keep the snapping and crackling in the fireplace and out of your joints. Our anti-fatigue, easy-on-the-joints mat will allow you to golf for hours without pain.

Realistic Feel

Carl's HotShot™ Golf Hitting Mat is as close to hitting off a fairway as your face is to your device right now. You might not be on the course, but you will feel like it, especially when you use a real tee. *Note: Divot Strip insert (sold separately) does not accept a real tee.

Durable Materials

It's as durable as a rock while also as soft as a pillow. OK, maybe that's a bit extreme on both ends, but despite the soft comfortability, the high-end fiber mat is designed for heavy indoor and outdoor play.

Portable Golf Mat

Quickly move your golf mat between your basement, garage and back patio depending on where you want to use your golf simulator setup.


Three popular sizes, all 1 ¾" thick. Ideal to suit either a single golfer or accommodate both right and left-handed golfers in a simulator. Includes 3 rubber tee holders, 6 short iron tees, and 6 tall driver tees.



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