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Valencia Naples Prestige Theater Seating

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Experience the grandeur and timelessness of Valencia’s Naples Prestige. Reflecting the precision and balance of an orchestra, Naples Prestige is designed with sleek Piano Black Wood armrests and upholstered with rich Raven Parisian Velour to mirror the refinement of a Grand Piano. The lusciousness of the Parisian Velour is enhanced with Diamond Stitching to intensify comfortability. Featuring Leather piping, this seat exudes a posh, minimalist elegance. Ideal for the audiophiles, Naples Prestige enhances listening enjoyment with sound-absorbing velour and a low-profile headrest, minimizing reverb and ensuring only the best sound experience. Indulge in Naples Prestige’s inspired features.Due to low profile design, better for people of height  5’10” or less.

  • Hand crafted armrest made using traditional Italian artisanal methods.
  • Proprietary Black Diamond Piano Black Lacquer manufacturing process that produces the deepest possible mirror like piano black finish.
  • 100% covered in soft, high-quality Raven Parisian Velour.
  • Lined with high-quality Leather Piping.
  • Precise, Diamond Stitched Cushions.
  • Precisely carved, bespoke cup holder.
  • LED Ambient Base Lighting.
  • USB Charging Port and Control Panel located on the side of the armrest.


Raven Parisian Velo

Soft, silky and smooth. Valencia’s Parisian Velour has a high thread count, soft fibers and is sourced from only the finest French textile mills. This luxe material absorbs sound and prevents reverb, while its alluring Raven shade emanates pure elegance. 

Italian Leather Piping

Luxurious, buttery matte, authentic Italian leather handcrafted using century old practices draws the eye along the minimalistic lines of Prestige, accentuating its cachet and timelessness perfectly.

Diamond Stitched Cushions

Reflecting the prestige of luxury cars, exceptionally executed Diamond Stitching enriches the grandeur of the Parisian Velour, bringing its look and comfort to a new level of sophistication.

Carved Bespoke Cup Holder

Delicately carved into Piano Black Wood, bespoke, sleek cup holders exude attention to detail and quality that is only comparable to a symphony.

Piano Black Wood Accented Armrests

Finished with the proprietary Black Diamond process, Valencia’s Piano Black Wood waterfalls over the armrests creating a sense of opulence. 

Lumbar Support

Power motorized lumbar support adjusts cushioning to precisely fit the shape of your spine, contributing to the ergonomic and comfortable nature of Valencia’s chairs. 

Power Recline And LED Ambient Base Lighting

Smoothly lounge into bliss with power recline, revealing LED ambient base lighting creating a luxe environment for listening and appreciating. These ambient lights can be turned on and off as you see fit.

Traditional, Artisanal Italian Woodworking

Using only the best time honored, traditional, artisanal Italian wood working methods.

Ultimate Comfort

All chairs from Valencia Theater Seating are designed to be both comfortable and ergonomic. All of our cushioning is made of high resiliency foam which will maximize your enjoyment while minimizing fatigue.


Wall Hugging Design
The wall-hugging recliner mechanism allows you to fully recline while keeping the seats close to the wall. This design saves the unnecessary space behind the seat to maximize the usage of your home theater.


Image Style
W D Depth - Extended
No-Arm 37" 24.5"
35.5" 63"
Single 37" 37.5" 35.5" 63"
Row of Two 37" 68.5" 35.5" 63"
Row of Three 37" 99.5" 35.5" 63"
Row of Four 37" 130.5" 35.5" 63"
Row of Five 37" 161.5" 35.5" 63"

Loveseat 37" 62" 35.5" 63"
Loveseat Left 37" 93" 35.5" 63"
Loveseat Right 37" 93" 35.5" 63"
Loveseat Center 37" 124" 35.5" 63"


This is the minimum door width required for the chairs.

| ⎯⎯⎯⎯   25"   ⎯⎯⎯⎯ |


Bespoke Series
Sofa Orientation Symmetrical
Frame Material Piano Black Wood
Frame Material Family Plywood
Upholstery High-Quality Raven Parisian Velour
Upholstery Material Family Italian Leather
Cushion Material Foam
Additional Information
Contact Information for Parts, Product Questions & Assembly Help
Assembly Required? Tool-Free
Warranty Labour 3 Year(s) Pro-rated
Warranty Parts 3 Year(s) Pro-rated





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