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TechnoHUNT TH400 Archery Simulation System

Sale price$35,995.00

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The most accurate Archery and BowHunting simulation available. Any game, any time.

Step into the next generation of archery with TechnoHUNT's state-of-the-art simulators, proudly made in the USA. Use your own bow and arrows, and let our software handle scores and videos, propelling you into hunting scenarios from across the globe. With the TH400 system, even global online tournaments are at your fingertips! Explore 600 thrilling hunting scenarios, with options to expand. Each package includes everything you need: a computer, HD projector, and more, all delivered and installed by a TechnoHUNT expert. And if you're curious, let Joe Rogan share his TechnoHUNT experience!

Ready, Aim, TechnoHUNT!


  • Made in the USA
  • You bring your bow, your arrows, and just replace your field tips with TechnoHUNT's custom-made blunt tips
  • No need to bring your own videos or keep track of your scores, the software does all that for you.
  • TechnoHUNT's hit zones have animals from all over the world and are both challenging and fun for all skill levels. Tired of shooting animals test your archery skills out in our different game modes.
  • Hunt game from all over the world including big and small game.
  • With the TH400 system, you can participate in our online tournaments. It has the newly designed hassle-free sensors and software.
  • Have fun with Arcade games like TicTacToe, Darts Cricket*, BalloonPop*, and UnderwaterHUNT*.
  • Practice on the official NASP target.
  • Ethical shooting rules are built into the Hitzones.
  • 740 Different hunting scenarios**, includes classics for the original TechnoHUNT system, and brand new HD hitzones.

*Darts Cricket, BalloonPOP, UnderwaterHUNT Modes donot come included in base system these additional game modes must be purchased seperatly

**600 scenes come with base system the additional 140 sceens must be purchased seperatly.

Whats In The Box

  • New Computer, Monitor, and Printer
  • Hassle Free Sensors
  • Cabling
  • HD Projector
  • Impact Screen
  • Shipping to your Home, Shop or Cave
  • Onsite Installation by a TechnoHUNT installer.
  • Onsite Training by a TechnoHUNT installer.
  • One Year Warranty.

Ask Joe Rogan

Don't take it from us..

"It's the greatest thing of all time!"

- Joe Rogan 

American comedian, podcast host, and mixed martial arts color commentator


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Documentation & Specifications

Please consult the Installation Prep Manual BEFORE purchase to ensure you have enough space for the system as it's space requirements are quite large.

TechnoHUNT Installation Manual


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