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RS Barcelona RS4 Home Football Table

Sale price$3,740.00

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The RS4 Home foosball table is crafted with home in mind— for enjoyment with family and friends, across all ages, and at any moment. It's about fostering the do-it-yourself spirit, and then, once the game commences, the power to dictate your own rules.

The RS4 Home represents our response to an increasingly digital market's demands, evolving from our original foosball table. We've adjusted certain production aspects to cater to these needs without compromising our commitment to superior design, high quality, and the ethos of vibrant living.

Here's what makes the RS4 Home special:

Age-inclusive: Age is just a number when you have a playful spirit.

Promotes shared experiences: Engage with your loved ones—family, friends, neighbors... Anyone brave enough to accept your challenge.

Invites enjoyment at any moment: A celebration, a party, a family get-together, a leisurely Saturday afternoon, a Wednesday post-homework... All those unforgettable moments.

Suitable for indoors and outdoors: Whether it's the dining room or the garden or the patio, place it wherever the echoes of laughter and cheers sound the sweetest.

Ready for quick dispatch: Completely assembled, packaged, and ready to ship.

Promotes eco-friendly and convenient delivery: Improved packaging for easy delivery, better handling, and a reduced environmental footprint.

Encourages DIY: Easy assembly. Assembling it yourself adds a personal touch, and then, once the game begins, you'll love it even more.

  • For Residential | Offices | Hospitality
  • Home Use
  • Indoor & Outdoor
  • It Comes Dissassembled
  • Manufactured in Spain


Structure Steel with cataphoretic coating process and micro textured powder coated polyester paint.

Legs Iroko wood. 

Field HPL.

Players Cast aluminium.

Handles Wood.


Ball set 7 units (5 standard balls and 2 silent balls)

2 extra players 1 per team

Design & Care

The items we treasure and value, those that add a touch of luxury to our daily lives, equally deserve luxurious upkeep. Our creations are fashioned from top-tier materials, built to endure. While the passage of time is inevitable, their original charm and elegance can be conserved through consistent care, safeguarding them from the environment and time's impact—especially for those pieces relished outdoors.

Take the time to peruse the advice and recommendations meticulously outlined in the User Manual that accompanies each product. You can also access this information by scanning the provided QR code for a digital download.


Measures 151x128x92 cm / 59.5x51x36 in (LxWxH)

Weight 92 kg / 202.8 lb


RS Barcelona RS3 Wood Football Table User Manual

RS Barcelona RS3 Wood Football Table Technical Sheet

RS Barcelona RS3 Wood Football Table Video Assembly Instructions


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