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ProTee RX Launch Monitor

Sale price$4,500.00


Introducing the ProTee United RX Launch Monitor - your ultimate game improvement tool for golfers of all levels! With its front center mounted design, this device accommodates both left and right handed players seamlessly.

Get an in-depth analysis of your ball and club data with the ProTee United RX. Measure critical metrics such as ball speed, back spin, side spin, total spin, spin axis, launch direction, and launch angle to help you perfect your swing.

Additionally, the ProTee United RX measures club speed, club path, club face to path, attack angle, and dynamic loft - crucial data for understanding your swing and making adjustments.

With flight data that includes flight path, apex height, apex time, total distance, carry distance, off line, air time, run, and descent angle, you'll get a complete picture of your shots from start to finish.

The ProTee United RX Launch Monitor is a must-have for any golfer serious about improving their game. With its comprehensive data tracking capabilities, you'll be able to make targeted improvements to your swing and see real results on the course.

ProTee RX Launch Monitor
ProTee RX Launch Monitor Sale price$4,500.00